“My family and I had a wonderful experience at Odyssey Escape Game! The staff was very nice and helpful and the owner was hilarious. We will definitely come back to try another room!”

Aminee A.

“Best escape game we’ve ever played! We did the Titanic room and it felt as if we were really on a sinking ship. Atmosphere was incredible. Will definitely be back!”

Natalie P.

“Had a great time! Already booked for The Titanic and looking forward to Jack the Ripper.”

Donna G.

“Jack the Ripper room was a great experience. This was only the second time in 36 rooms that we were not able to escape in time. Truly enjoyed the focus of puzzle solving versus only locks to get open. It was well done and worth the experience. Great job Odyssey Team for altering the challenge a little.”

Brent M.


It was our first time to experience this kind of adventure and it was so much enjoyable and fun especially that we celebrated my wife birthday with family and friends.Everyone was so excited and both adults & kids loved it and committed to return back for more and more.
Mohammed A.
Hey, we had an amazing time. We can’t wait to come back again and try another room but it was really hard with just me and her it is really made for a group but overall we loved it. It was really fun and cool
Isis B.
Been to other Escape rooms but must say that I am VERY VERY impressed with this company. The clues, staff, and environment are first class. Definitely be back!
Mayoor P.
We were first-time “Escapees” last night and tried the Titanic Room and loved it! Great detail and care went into the design of the room and the staff was incredibly polite, friendly and helpful! We would love to go back and try the Prison Break Room and will definitely come back for the Jack the Ripper Room! Thank you for a great night!
Debbie C.
Really enjoyed this. We were looking for something to do with friends in town and we really had a blast. We came close to solving and escaping but came up just a little short. Would highly recommend this for a good way to spend an hour in the evening. Our group was mixed between teenage to adults and it was a good time for everybody. People at Odyssey were very nice and we really enjoyed everything about this. We are looking forward to our next time!
Becky L.
This is a GREAT experience. What a terrific way to spend time with family, friends or coworkers. Even days later we are all talking and laughing about our big escape. My one suggestion would be to offer a video of our group trying to figure out the clues and get out of the room. I would have gladly paid to be able to take that home and sit with everyone and laugh at ourselves.
Albert N.

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