Birthday Parties are great at Odyssey Escape Game!  We offer 3 themes that are kid-friendly as well as a large conference center, (with max seating for 8 in Alpharetta and 10 in Schaumburg), and a kitchen area, (with additional seating for 8 in Alpharetta and 4 in Schaumburg); these accommodations cost $25 per half hour; reservations are required. Price includes: Iced Tea, Lemonade, bottled water, plates, cups, napkins, and plasticware.  Unfortunately we only have one conference room so this accommodation is first come, first serve.

Also, please be aware that should you want a private experience you must book the entire game, (see participant capacity by room). You’ll want to ensure that there are are no strangers in the room with your party guests.  Lastly, if there is anyone in the game younger than 13 years old an Odyssey Escape Game Game Master will be in the theme for the entirety of the game to support younger players.